Progress for Iowa

Dave has a history of bi-partisan accomplishments during his previous four years in the Iowa House of Representatives.


Dave supported the largest property tax cut in Iowa history, which included slowing the growth of taxes on Iowa residential and agricultural property (SF295)

Dave supported expansion of health care coverage to over 150,000 Iowans (SF446)

Dave supported education reform, which created the teacher leadership program to improve instruction quality for Iowa students (SF215)
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Dave supported creation of the Home Base Iowa program to support Iowa Veterans (SF303)
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Dave introduced the first legislation in Iowa to create the “24/7” sobriety program to help reduce repeat drunk driving, and this law was finally enacted in 2017 (H-8179)


Dave supported expansion of broadband access to underserved communities and rural areas in Iowa (HF655)

Dave drafted legislation to permit Jackson Recovery Centers’ juvenile mental health crisis stabilization center in Sioux City (HF647/HF449, H-1214)
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Dave built broad bi-partisan support for renewal of the Access Iowa Highways law, which prioritizes funding for the completion of the four-lane project on U.S. Highway 20 in Northwest Iowa (HF160)


Dave co-sponsored creation of a mandatory minimum prison sentence for caretakers whose actions result in the death of a child (HF2064)

Dave created the Drug Endangered Child workgroup, whose collaboration enacted a new law in 2017, which is intended to prevent children from exposure to dangerous drugs, including meth, cocaine, heroin, and opiates (H-8105)

Dave Dawson signing a bill in the Iowa Legislature

Dave Dawson at work in the Iowa Legislature in 2015